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There are three fundamental dodges used in lacrosse 1) Face Dodge 2) Roll Dodge 3) Redirection that become a whole host of dodges by other names including Split Dodge, Inside/Outside Roll Dodge, Rocker Dodge and Zig Zag Dodge to name a few.

We will demonstrate through description and e-lacrosse video illustration, each of the fundamental dodges below:

1) Face Dodge:The face dodge is a great dodge to use when the defender is lunging at you.  A right handed face dodge starts with the stick in your right hand and bring the stick across the front part of your body to the left side of your body.  More advanced players will switch hands after the stick is to the left side and now be running with the stick in their left hand. While running at the defenseman, just before any contact, the stick is brought around the face to the side of the body while the feet pivot the same way and a burst of speed loses the defender. Works best with a lunging defender.
2) Roll Dodge: a dodge around a defensive player where the ball carrier plants a foot in front of the defender and rolls to the outside without changing speed or losing the ball until he is beyond the defender and on his way.
Outside Roll: When sensing a defender's underplay on the Goal Line Extended, the attackman steps past the GLE, plants his inside foot and rolls back outside the defender, shooting at a narrow target, but hopefully one on one with the goalkeeper if executed properly like John Tavares in the video clip.
Inside Roll: When sensing a defender's overplay on the GLE, the attackman plants his lead foot and rolls back and around the defender with his outside leg, leaving him in a one-on-one with the goalkeeper or an easy
3) Redirection or Split Dodge: a move similar to a crossover in basketball. While running one direction, a player with the ball quickly steps in the opposite direction and changes hands leaving the defender going the other way.
More to come...