The LA Lacrosse Leagues mission is to help teach life lessons to school aged children throughout Southern California via lacrosse and to promote and advance amateur youth lacrosse in a safe and sportsmanlike manner and to create a culture where leaders, c
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Here's a link to uslacrosse fundamental drills.  It starts with Wall Ball.  I like that

The following drills are some of the best we've seen for preseason development of fundamental skills and basic lacrosse field knowledge.  You can find them at the following link:


Zig Zag Drill - cross field passing drill on the run.


Box Drill

3 Man Stickwork

Get the ball in and out of your stick fast. Great disguised conditioning. A coach, not player, favorite.

Click here to see video.


Help Drill

Non-Contact Groundball Drill

Great for all levels. Works on not only how to pick up the ball, but how the other players need to position themselves: pick up the ball and move it!

Click here to see video.


Saints Drill

Over the Shoulder Drill

Improve your team's over the shoulder catching ability. This is great for poles but, is useful to all members of your team. Fast moving, up and down, lots of reps.

Click here to see video


Clearing Keep Away

Goalie work

How to find the open lanes, move without the ball. Work on cross field passes with limited pressure. Stickwork that prepares you for clearing the ball.

Click here to see video


Build Up Drill

Transition Defense and Offense

This is a half field, unsettled drill. Develops communication and recognition skills. You the coach create the situations you want. Kids love this drill.

Click here to see video


Other Drills:

Shooting Drill with Lorne Smith

The following are links to drills that were provided by the LA Riptide during a recent clinic they gave to LA Lacrosse.  The drills are great for practice sessions and for clinics.  We've also include vidoe so you can see how they should look.

LARCS 5 on 4 Go to Goal.pdf  This is a great drill to teach the kids how to see the open man and move the ball to the goal. It's also great for defense to understand how to cover fast breaks and unsettled situations.

LARCS Defend the Trashcan.pdf  This is a great drill to help teach body position between the man and the goal (trash can). The kids love it.

LARCS Wall Ball.pdf  Practice Drills to develop strength and accuracy of your shots and passes. Great for individual development.  Casey Powell demonstrates wall ball  Notice how Casey stands while he is working on the rebounder.  He's not standing flat footed.

Here's a video that demonstrates the types of wall ball drills you can do on your own.  Stress proper technique especially the correct way to hold your stick, move your feet, shift your weight and seeing the ball into the stick.  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat...

LARCS Shooting Stations.pdf  This is a great shooting drill that will allow players to learn to move away from pressure and shoot on the run.

Her'es a link to a site that goes over all variations of offense and defense in flash animation...