The LA Lacrosse Leagues mission is to help teach life lessons to school aged children throughout Southern California via lacrosse and to promote and advance amateur youth lacrosse in a safe and sportsmanlike manner and to create a culture where leaders, c
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Each season the LALL is proud to present the Talon Spirit Award sponsored by Talon Lacrosse to the player who most exemplifies the SPIRIT OF THE GAME.
The Spirit award is not blindly given to the player who scores the most goals or assists, wins the most faceoffs, consistently shuts down his opponent or makes the most saves. Each one of these players is certainly worthy of an MVP Award. The Talon Spirit Award, however, measures a player's contributions both on and off the field–the intangibles that may even go unnoticed by most onlookers.
  • The player who works harder than everyone else in groundball situations,
  • The player who is in constant communication with his teammates, a vital part of the team aspect of lacrosse,
  • The player who quickly offers words of encouragement to a teammate who has inadvertently turned the ball over to the other team,
  • The player who respects all those participating in lacrosse (teammates, opponents, referees, coaches, and fans),
  • The player who will never let his teammate(s) down,
  • The player who has the most heart and never gives up,
  • The player who cheers both in the game and on the bench,
  • The player who works as hard in practice as he does in the game,
  • The player who does the right thing whether in public or in private,
  • The player who respects and honors the sport of lacrosse on and off the field in the best way possible.


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