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Misc Videos

Civil War
Maryland and Virginia always get physical when they play. Here, a Maryland player learns the hard way not to put his head down near a loose ball.

Fundamental D
When coaches say that defense is all about footwork and fundamentals, this is what they mean.

Short Stick Defense
Playing defense with a short stick is hard. This Syracuse middie shows how it's done.

One-on-One Battle
Princeton's Boyle and a Hopkins defender get into a serious one-on-one scrap, ending a with a shot that does some pipe work.

Crease Feed
The 3-3 is the hardest EMO formation to guard against, if run correctly. Nazareth goes inside- out to score a goal.

Backhand Shot
Maryland's Jen Adams catches a feed on the crease and rips a backhander stick-side high.

Face Roll
The face dodge into a roll is a move made famous by UNC legend Ryan Wade. It seems the Lady Tar Heels learned it as well as anyone.

This shot bounces off of two legs unintentionally.

Check, Steal, Save
A good sequence of a strong body check, a crafty steal and a superior save.

The Turning Point
With Navy up 8-7 in the fourth quarter, Princeton takes the shot that would tie the game, only to hit the pipe and watch in horror as the ball ricochets to a Navy long pole, who sprints down the field and starts a clean fast break.

How'd He Do That?
Mike Powell, a little guy, shields the defender from the ball with his body and then puts the ball in the tiniest space between the goalie and the pipe.

Bring Back the Dive
Although he stepped in the crease (and thus negated the goal), this Virginia attackman executes a sick backhand dive shot. Probably one of the most exciting plays in the game, it has been inexplicably ruled out of existence.

Move Feet, Shoot
Good ball movement usually results in someone getting the ball in a good position to shoot. If that person moves his feet, all the better.

Ankle Breaker
Ryan Boyle nearly breaks a Loyola defender's ankle with a roll dodge.

Roll Dodge
Following a picture perfect roll dodge at X, this Syracuse attackman drops his stick and places a bounce shot over Dougherty's near shoulder.

One-Hand Dive
There's something about being an attackman in Charlottesville. It makes you more athletic or something.

Dog Paddle Dodge
Not quite a swim move, this is more like a nice split dodge and a well-placed shot.

Draw and Dump
The most basic play in lacrosse is the draw and dump. Navy exploits an adjacent slide with a drive and a quick pass.

Side-to-Side Ball Movement
Moving the ball across the front of the goal twice causes confusion in the center and opens up a teammate on the crease.

Throwback Play
Developed as a response to the crease slide and heavy ballside pressure defense, this play calls for the ball to be thrown back across the grain. Although it does not result in a goal, Hopkins runs the play well.

Skip Pass
Against today's defenses, if you can skip a pass, you will find a teammate open on the backside in a good spot to score. John Hess receives a skip pass and puts the biscuit in the basket.

Push the Ball Through X
Maryland shows how to make the most of an unsettled situation, throwing the ball through X to open up the backside of the crease.

Inside Pipe
This is a great shot if you can make it. There simply isn't very much room there.

Find the Bottom Hand
A good riding attackman is a valuable asset. This Towson attackman rides hard and checks the bottom hand of the Maryland defenseman, dislodging the ball.

Long Stick Scores
Everyone loves it when a long stick brings the ball down and scores. Except the goalie and his friends, of course.

They say that shooting off-hip is the best place to shoot. This is why.

Off-Hip, Again
Another goalie is frozen by an off-hip shot.

Stick-Side Hip
A Hopkins middie rifles a stick-side hip shot that glances off the pipe and in.

Matt Striebel Gets Position
Princeton's attackman turned midfielder uses his inside knowledge to get off a clean shot against 'Cuse.

Strong Lefty Drive
Rob Torti, a right hander, shows the value of having a strong off-hand.

Face Dodge
Ryan Boyle executes a picture-perfect face dodge and scores.

Deflection or Not?
Was Princeton's semifinal game winning shot deflected? You be the judge.

A Gift
Virginia's Tillman Johnson wishes he had this clearing pass back. Hofstra intercepts and scores.

The Davis-Powell Battle, Part 1
Damien Davis and Mike Powell went after each other in the final. Here, Davis gets the better of the matchup.

The Davis-Powell Battle, Part 2
This time Mike Powell takes the upper hand, scoring the game-tying goal with only 16 seconds left in regulation.

The Changeup
Towson's goalie had nightmares about this speed demon of a shot.

Carbon Copy
Have you seen this move before? Mike Powell goes to his bread and butter, the left-to-right split.

Coming Through
Loyola utlizes the most effective man-up weapon there is: the through pass.

Long Stick Break
A long stick starts the break and Princeton's attack finishes it.

The Plumber
Hartofilis works the pipes, getting this ball to strike a couple seconds before settling in the back of the net.

Lacrosse Action
A good sequence in which Hartofolis throws the swim move into a behind-the-back shot that Mulligan stuffs.

Breaking Ankles the Powell Way
Mike Powell leaves his Virginia defender behind while coming dangerously close to breaking the defender's ankles.

Feed the Crease
Hopkins repeatedly feeds the crease until the crease attackman puts the biscuit in the basket.

The angle of this video shows the absolutely perfect placement of this shot taken by a Hopkins player from about ten yards.

Split Dodge
John Hess of Princeton leaves his man behind with a quick split move and puts it by the keeper with a good fake and shot.

C Dodge
A Loyola attackman uses his strength and size to drive past his defender in the classic C dodge.

Change for a Dime?
A Syracuse middie changes directions twice on a spot no larger than a belly button and unleashes a blistering shot.

04/05/01 Cannella Interview
UMass's Greg Cannella interviewed by Chris Wojcik (mp3 format 732k)

04/05/01 Starsia Interview
Virginia's Dom Starsia interviewed by Chris Wojcik (mp3 format 888K)

03/28/01 Desko Interview
Syracuse's John Desko interviewed by Tom Gelehrter (mp3 format 456k)

03/24/01 Syracuse Postgame
Syracuse Head Coach John Desko, Josh Coffman, Mike Powell, Robbie Mulligan, and Jay Abendroth following Syracuse's 14-8 defeat of Princeton at the Carrier Dome on March 24, 2001 (mp3 format 1.2M)

03/24/01 Princeton Postgame
Princeton Coach Bill Tierney, Trevor Tierney, and Ryan Mollett following Princeton's 14-8 loss to Syracuse (mp3 format 992k)

03/22/01 Urick Interview
Georgetown's Dave Urick interviewed by Chris Wojcik (mp3 format 1.1M)

03/21/01 Desko Interview
Syracuse's John Desko interviewed by Tom Gelehrter (mp3 format 572k)

03/20/01 Starsia Interview
Virginia's Dom Starsia interviewed by Chris Wojcik (mp3 format 1M)

03/07/01 Desko Interview
Syracuse's John Desko interviewed by Tom Gelehrter (mp3 format 670k)