The LA Lacrosse Leagues mission is to help teach life lessons to school aged children throughout Southern California via lacrosse and to promote and advance amateur youth lacrosse in a safe and sportsmanlike manner and to create a culture where leaders, c
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Pacific Palisades, California
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Dear Parents of LALL Lacrosse Players:
Thank you for your interest in the LALL, now in its 8th year of existence providing lacrosse instruction to the youth of Los Angeles.
We offer lacrosse instruction for boys and girls in several grade/age groups. Please choose the session which is appropriate for your child’s age group.
All new and returning players must register by completing all forms and paying the registration fees (we do have scholarships available for those players in need – contact Charlie Meister for more information).
LA Lacrosse wants kids to grow up playing a game of speed, position, and finesse, rather than physical intimidation. We believe that you learn by practicing and by playing.  That's why every child will have the opportunity to play in every session game or practice. 
For insurance and field bonding purposes, we ask that all players also be members of US Lacrosse, the national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse. Please enter your US Lacrosse number in the appropriate location.
Getting Started
Step 1: Read all directions carefully, and then select the appropriate program you want to register for.
New Users (to the system) - Enter your email only. The website will then email you a temporary password to use for sign in. You can later change your password to anything you like.
Existing Users - Enter your email and password.
Forgot your Password? - Enter your email only and your password will be emailed to that address. 
If you have other children to register for these programs, click the online registration menu item again and repeat Steps 4 through 7. Yes, it's that easy!
Note to HotMail, MSN Mail and Yahoo Mail users:
Please be sure to check your ''Junk'' or ''Bulk'' folder for the password email. The above email providers often incorrectly flag mail from this site as bulk email. If this happens to you, be sure to specify that future mail from this site be placed directly in your Inbox.
Sign in using your email address and (temporary) password, click ‘Submit’.
Step 3: Adult Information 
Existing users will find your basic information from your previous, or last, registration in each of the boxes. Check each entry for accuracy and make all necessary changes. Click Submit.
New Users, we'll need some basic information about you.  Even if you're registering a child for a program, we need to start with the parent's (YOUR) information.  You'll be able to enter one or more children later. You may provide two email addresses as long as you separate them by using a comma. Make any necessary corrections and Press submit. You are now a registered member. 
Step 4: Family Entry & Participant Selection
Use this page to add or edit family members. In order to proceed with registration for an individual, click the button to the left of the person's name.  You will then need to fill in supplemental information for registration and you'll also be given an opportunity to pay online.
Note: if the button is grey and reads "Ineligible", that individual does not qualify for registration.  Click the button for an explanation of the reason for ineligibility.
If you are registering a child, we would like to also have information for both parents and guardians.  Please also double check each member of your family by clicking on their name to bring up their information form for review before you proceed with registration. Click Registration.
Step 5: Registration Information
Fill in all registration information and click ‘Submit Information.’ Fields marked with an (*) are required for registration.
The page that appears details all your registration information. You will be given the option to pay by credit card, PayPal or check. Click on your payment option then follow those directions. Print this out for your records and if you are paying by check, please send a copy when you mail your check.  Please make checks payable to LALL, and send to: LALL c/o Charles Meister, 1570 Sorrento Drive, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 and note in which group you are registered.
Step 7:Your child is now registered for the Los Angeles Lacrosse League age appropriate program. You will receive a confirmation email from the website.