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On January 1, 2010, a new rule which applies to lacrosse head dimensions will go into effect for all men's games officiated under NCAA rules. The rule affects NCAA Varsity, MCLA teams and select high-school teams.

In games where NCAA rules are in effect, such as NFHS (high-school) and youth lacrosse, the new head dimensions are NOT required, and heads currently on the market are legal for play. In some parts of the country where high schools follow NCAA rules, teams will be required to adhere to these new head specifications.

To find out which head specs you will be required to follow in 2010, you should contact your coach, local official or you local US Lacrosse representative. Visit for a downloadable spec sheet that details the new rule dimensions.

Starting this summer, Warrior and Brine will be manufacturing three distinct series of lacrosse heads: Traditional Spec, X-Spec and X6 Spec.


  1. Traditional spec heads are legal for NFHS (high school) and youth lacrosse.
  2. X specs are universal, meaning they are legal for play at all levels of lacrosse (NCAA/High School/Youth). These heads meet both the NCAA 2010 and the current NFHS width measurements.
  3. X6 spec heads are legal under NCAA rules only. These heads meet the minimum width measurements allowed by the NCAA, and are not legal under NFHS and youth lacrosse rules.
The following is a sample of Warrior and Brine head offerings.

NCAA 2010 Lacrosse Head Specifications

Warrior: Warrior: Warrior:

Evo Ti | Revo Ti | Helix | Razer 2.0
Razer Spyne | Evo Spyne | Blade
Evo 2.0 Pro | Revo Pro 2.0 | Mojo

Evo Ti X | Spyne | Noz | Razer X
Evo X | Revo X | Mojo X | Joker X
Evo Pro X6 | Revo Pro X6
Brine: Brine: Brine:
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Voyce| Cyber Pro | Answer Pro
E3 |
Verdict | Motive
Gospel | Clutch X | Edge | Alias
Asset X | Franchise X | Recruit
Voyce X6 | Cyber Pro X6