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Change Team: 
We call our plays from X.  This is a basic 1-3-2 motion offense.  The person who created the video is clearly from the south because you find MDers call from the top.  

Move as a group - Attack Triangle - Midfield Triangle

V cut to get open

Pay close attention to the rules:

1) Maintain Field Balance - 
When one member of the triangle cuts through, they all have to move
2) Rotate when the ball is passed from one triangle to the next
Some call this a 'pass and cut away',  but everyone must move to keep balance and create space
3) When a player dodges, the others have to clear through for him and fill
4 Dodge, pass, pass Dodge
If you dodge and go no where make a pass.  When you receive the pass make another pass and allow that person to dodge.
I like the circle back move by the middies in order to create space and move the ball.  There is an easy Man up off this

You can easily move from a 3-3 or a 2-2-2 into a 1-3-2 and then into a 1-4-1 or back into a 3-3

Middie starts with ball and back WAY up to show that hes dodging (like, farther than you think you should go, out of the box).
The A on his wing wing gets through before/as he dodges, crease M goes high, whole side of the field is left open to make room to dodge 1 v 1.
When the dodge is half-done, X man comes up wide for feed. Opposite wing is at opposite post behind the cage (so 2 X men for a few seconds)