The LA Lacrosse Leagues mission is to help teach life lessons to school aged children throughout Southern California via lacrosse and to promote and advance amateur youth lacrosse in a safe and sportsmanlike manner and to create a culture where leaders, c
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Pacific Palisades, California
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Los Angeles Lacrosse League

Volunteer Positions and their Responsibilities



  1. Membership
    1. Responsible for distributing, gathering and entering all LALL member information from team representatives into the LALL Data Base.  Including LALL forms:
    2. Registration
    3.  Insurance
    4. US Lacrosse
    5. Release
  1. Finance
    1. Responsible for collecting all member dues from team representatives, paying all bills and managing the accounting through a P.O. system.
  2. Equipment
    1. Responsible for ordering and coordinating all equipment between the league and the players and interfacing with Finance, distributing and collecting all equipment.
  3. Uniforms and Awards and Pictures
    1. Responsible for ordering and coordinating all uniform orders between the league and the team representatives.  Also responsible for ordering and coordinating distribution of all awards between league and the team representatives.
  4. Fields
    1. Responsible for finding field space, negotiating for field space and coordinating scheduling of field space with game scheduler and coordinating with Team Field Reps to ensure fields are properly set up before each game and taken down after the final game of the day.
  5. Communications
    1. Responsible for communicating all news and information about the league and the teams to out side organizations including news organizations and the media and our web site.       
  6. Game Scheduling and results
    1. Responsible for coordinating game schedules with divisions, teams and fields and making sure the results of each game (win, loss and statistics) are reported and posted on the web site.
  7. Insurance
    1. Responsible for coordinating all insurance needs of the league with the US Lacrosse organization including passing on all completed forms and insurance payments coordinated with Membership and Finance.
  8. Fund Raising
    1. Responsible to coordinate fund raising activities for the league with outside individuals, organizations and league members.
  9. Ref Training and Coordination
    1. Responsible for coordinating Referees and their schedules with the team Representatives.  Also responsible for coordinating and ensuring referee training.
  10. Web Master
    1. Responsible for all input on the web site, keeping the web site current, explaining to division heads and team representatives how to use the site and making sure that results are posted.
  11. Team Volunteers (during season, each family unit will be asked to volunteer for one of the following positions)
    1. Coach will be responsible to attend all coaches meetings and practices and games; demonstrate good sportsmanship, integrity and good character; clearly communicate with your players, parents and team, division and league officials; be fair and objective; coordinate practice time and provide lacrosse knowledge and instruction.
    2. Assistant Coach will aid and support the head coach and all of his/her responsibilities as coach.
    3. Team Parent helps coach as needed with roster, schedules, organize snack schedule, end of season party, picture day, etc.  There will be two team parents per team.
    4. Trophy Coordinator - coordinate picking up the trophies from the league and delivering them to the team coach for distribtution to the players.
    5. Fields Set up and Take down Helps to set the field up, line the fields, locate goals in creases, put out cones and take the fields down and relocate them after the final game of the day.
    6. Time Clock and Team Stats Keeper: Keeps the game clock and keep the game score including goals against, goals for, assists, penalties and saves.
    7. Ref - Volunteers will be trained to understand the game of lacrosse, its rules and regulations and to officiate league contests.

Conctact Charlie Meister at for position availability